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Welcome to ion VISion Online

Welcome to ION VISION.

The ONLY ALL GLASS Ophthalmic Lens Company

Introducing the Next Generation BIO & Slit Lamp Lenses: The ION i3D & i3D Elite Product Lines.

Recently launch in 2017: DirectView 2 Mirror Lens


ION VISION is a private, family owned business that has produced glass ophthalmic lenses here in the USA since incorporated in 2003.  ION VISION knows how committed you are to helping patients manage their health. We share your commitment with a passion for providing lifelong solutions that can assist you in managing patients’ medical conditions. We are committed to providing the ophthalmic physician with the most advanced options for treating a broad range of ophthalmic clinical indications. ion VISion’s mission is to stay at the forefront of the medical device industry by offering innovative and versatile solutions to today’s medical community.

That is why all of our ophthalmic lenses are made from 100% ALL GLASS with an exclusive broadband anti-reflective coating that comes standard on all products. No other company in the marketplace can make that same claim.

See our NEW PRODUCTS including: i3D & i3D Next Generation BIO & Slit Lamp Lenses, 4 Mirror with Multi-Position Handle, Multi Lens Custom Cases, EZVIEW 20D, 22D, 78D, 90D in colored housings, DirectView 1 Mirror SLT with & without Flange, & DirectView 2 Mirror on the NEW PRODUCTS page.

Welcome to ion VISion Online

ION VISION is currently looking for Distribution partners in the US & Worldwide. Contact us if interested.